Let’s see… glasses? Check! Book? Check! Naked in bed with faraway look? Check, check, check!
I love smart, erudite women. I particularly like smart, erudite women who love to suck cock.
I wish it were true that boys didn’t make passes at girls who wear glasses because then I’d have this girl to myself. 
I’m in love with this woman because she took her self-shot picture with her glasses on.
This reminds me of the lingerie catalogs I would masturbate to when I was twelve. 
She has a terrific smile, of course, but it’s also nice how her tan line visually reinforces the smile.
I reblog this whenever I see it.   I want to climb on that bed and spread her knees apart.
So strangely and utterly hot.
My only problem with the no-pubic-hair craze is that it makes sheer panties much less exciting.
I want to put my fingertips inside this woman’s underwear.
I’ve posted this before.  I’m posting it again because I know this girl.  She moved away a few years ago.  She and I had a stare-across-the-room-and-acknowledge-our-attraction thing even though I wasn’t available. I always wanted to know what her pussy looked like.  And now I do.  Yum.