I don’t think her body rings my bell, but it’s so beautiful I’d be perfectly happy to give it a go. Though… I haven’t had abs like that for a long time. You know how men like to keep the lights on and women want them off? I bet when men have sex with her it’s the other way around.
And so does this. Is that a wedding ring?
Hello to you, too.
I love all the obvious things here: her face, her eyes, her nipples, her bushy pussy, her legs, etc.
I also love the gap between her heel and her shoe.
Her eyes are so amazing they keep me from looking at her tits. Mostly.
Absolutely gorgeous.  My favorite detail is that she’s still wearing her purse.  It would have been easier to put the purse down when she pulled her tits out. So then she bothers to put it back over her shoulder for the picture?  She must love that purse.
I want to put my hand inside her dress.
My advice to him would be, “Dude, take your hat off. Act like you’re going to stay awhile.”
Other than that, this works.