Tan lines don’t get enough credit.
I don’t think her body rings my bell, but it’s so beautiful I’d be perfectly happy to give it a go. Though… I haven’t had abs like that for a long time. You know how men like to keep the lights on and women want them off? I bet when men have sex with her it’s the other way around.
I love how she’s a mix of retro and modern. 70’s hair and 70’s TV, but with a shaved smooth pussy. She was before her time! And look at her face; she’s such a cutie. 
Oh, I want to hang out with them all day in an outdoor sauna. Or maybe we spend the day hunting for food naked with a bow and arrow. Or maybe we just fuck. Or all of the above, with special consideration for the last one.
Such a nice smile.
It’s a good morning when the mysterious Sabrina Dacos posts something new. 
I don’t want to fuck her*. I want to hang out with her.


My jelly belly :)
She makes me want to go back in time and like, type stuff.
Hey, you look fun. May I make you dinner?
There’s a new sheriff in town, and she’s awesome.