This is making me insane.
LOVE those panties.

hey, i like those panties. ;)
So simple and so beautiful. Yes, I would want to slide those panties down. But not immediately. I’d want to take a moment to appreciate the wonder of her.
I love how she’s touching the side and not the center. Just getting started.
I can’t sleep. I’m on tumblr trying to get off so I can relax. I admit it.
I look at this and think, “There should be some magical place where everyone who can’t sleep goes to get off.” Then I realize that place exists. It’s tumblr. Duh.
Let’s see… sultry, intelligent eyes? Check! Sheer panties with bush? Check! Reading historical fiction in bed? Check! Your name is Pikachu, because I choose you.
One thing I did not get for Christmas: sheer panties with a hint of dark bush. Next year I’m putting it at the top of the list.
Sheer panties.
Very good.