The only thing wrong with this is that it’s not inside.
I don’t think her body rings my bell, but it’s so beautiful I’d be perfectly happy to give it a go. Though… I haven’t had abs like that for a long time. You know how men like to keep the lights on and women want them off? I bet when men have sex with her it’s the other way around.
I love how she’s a mix of retro and modern. 70’s hair and 70’s TV, but with a shaved smooth pussy. She was before her time! And look at her face; she’s such a cutie. 
A friend of mine told me she saw this happen spontaneously at a bar. I found myself going to that bar all the time.
Just in case.
For years.
Such a nice smile.
An adorable smile. Her panties being pulled down doesn’t hurt, either.
Hey, you look fun. May I make you dinner?

This view would be more familiar┬áthan a sunset┬áto a lot of women, but it’s a fresh angle for men.

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Glistening vulva. Two great things that go great together.
I make a big deal here that women don’t have to be thin or big-boobed or blond for me to be interested. This is all true. But I don’t want to give the impression that thin, big-boobed, blond women are somehow automatically off my list. This woman, for example. All I’d ask is that we finish making the bed and I’d be all in.
The only woman who has no chance with me is one with stupid eyes.