Oh, tan lines.
Tan lines don’t get enough credit.
I was a soccer fan before this.
She should eat more, but I give her huge points for the tan line. Oh, and there’s the fact she’s beautiful.
This is one of those photos that seems to have been taken to confirm to guys that all their fantasies are true. When three women go to the showers together, of course they soap each other.
What she said.

Bring back the bush.
I so want to touch her butt.
Soooo sexy. The camel toe, the tan line, the luscious thighs and belly—all wonderful. I’m not sure I would want to pull her panties down for awhile. I’d want to take a moment to admire the tableau.
I can’t decide what I love most. Her tan line? Her tit? Her smile? Her haircut? Everything is wonderful. Hey, blond retro haircut girl, I want to hang out with you.
This will be part of a series. These girls…